Gioconews Poker – A Fisherman’s Wsop bracelet bought by Jennifer Tilly saved an Amatrice family

A Fisherman’s Wsop bracelet bought by Jennifer Tilly and soon on display at one of the Las Vegas casinos saved an Amatrice family.

After a few years, we discover something wonderful in a tweet exchange that confirms the caliber of our four-time poker world champion, Max Pescatori. Cardplayer columnist Nathan Gamble, a commentator on Rio and PokerGO and a two-time Wsop bracelet, announced an initiative he would launch with one of Las Vegas’ top casinos: “The idea is to create a showcase, an exhibition which will contain Wsop bracelets and poker memorabilia. If anyone wants to cooperate instead of letting these objects get dusty, contact me. “

And this is where Jennifer Tilly comes from: “I have three of them, one of which Max Pescatori sold for the benefit of the victims of the earthquake in Italy a few years ago, one of the Binions but I don’t want to say who it is, and one is mine of course , let me know when you need them and I will make them available ”.

Max Pescatori immediately commented on Jennifer’s tweet: “With your generous offer, the people of Amatrice were able to buy a prefabricated house that housed a family that lost everything during the earthquake.” We find out now, at least for us, and it’s wonderful to know what the world of poker, often referred to as a gambling den, can do, continues to disprove its detractors and show a big heart.

Returning to Gamble’s initiatives, Alan Kessler, top US and Wsop reg, also promised to contribute to the exhibition with top-notch memorabilia. And he can really amaze you with really historic prizes and poker items. Matt Hansen then advised the Casino Collectible Association, an organization that collects memorabilia and displays them in gambling houses. But from what I guess this show will be totally different and dedicated exclusively to poker and Wsop.