Who are the most famous protagonists of movies set in casinos?

Cinemas and casinos have been in full swing since the first film made in 1960, which tells the story of this world and is set in the tables of royal888 gambling halls: the film is called Colpo Grosso and is directed by Lewis Milestone. But it doesn’t end there, the protagonists include Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean, and Dean Martin as Sam “Bellavita” Harmon.

From the sixties until today there are thousands of movies, documentaries and even realities dedicated to the world of casinos, here are the most famous protagonists of the films set between slots and roulette.

Who are the most famous protagonists of movies set in casinos?

The Ocean’s saga

As most savvy people have guessed, the movie Ocean’s Eleven is definitely a remake of Big Shot, in this case both Danny Ocean with Sinatra and this one played by George Clooney, are quite famous, with the difference that there is Rusty (Brad Pitt) to dress as Sam “Bellavista”. The cast also includes Tess, Julia Roberts in brilliant form and many other Hollywood actors.

Alan Garner and his lion nights

Going to celebrate a bachelor party in Las Vegas? Why not! That’s what Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug do, starring Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha, respectively. If we add a psychopath Ken Jeong as Mister Chow, then 3 which will combine. Among psychotropic substances, Las Vegas and Bangkok casinos, royal888 slot, criminal organizations and entire razed hotel rooms, these four individuals with whom only the most daring would like to spend a Night of Lions, are certainly among the most famous protagonists of movies set in casinos.

Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo walking around Las Vegas with their delirium

Based on Hunter Thompson’s novel “Fear and Disgust in Las Vegas,” this film is one of the most delusional, along with the one discussed earlier. The two protagonists leave for Las Vegas loaded with psychotropic substances of all kinds and parade through the desert to follow the race of the Mint 400, an event on which Raoul Duke will have to write an article for the famous Rolling Stones magazine.

Dr. Gonzo is the lawyer, an inseparable companion of delusions and revelry with whom Duke faces a Las Vegas of the seventies that seems almost shy, still far from the city it is today. The two even sneak into an anti-drug conference organized by the DEA, strictly stuffed with any illegal substance. Duke and Gonzo are among the most famous characters in movies set in casinos, they have also become perfect masks for both carnival and Halloween.

Ace, Ginger and Nick Santoro in the iconic movie Casino

Martin Scorsese has directed one of the most iconic films for both cinema and green table lovers: Ace, Ginger and Nick Santoro have entered the hearts of audiences and critics with Casino. Asso’s rise to power highlights all the mechanisms and tricks of a respectable casino, the nickname says a lot about his experience but Nick is too thirsty for power and the underworld is getting deeper and deeper into the lives of the protagonists. When Asso marries Ginger, it is only the beginning of the climb to the top of organized crime that will lead to a completely unexpected epilogue.

21: inspired by a true story

In Las Vegas, casino security men never take it seriously if they notice that someone is counting the cards during the game or using math tricks, the MIT Blackjack Team was born at Boston University and concerns a group of students (coordinated by their professor) who between the eighties and the nineties broke into all the Las Vegas casinos counting the cards at the Blackjack Table. If you don’t know the protagonists well yet, you probably know this story: 21 victories, great revelry!